Rainbow Dog Bow Tie | Handmade In Brighton

Rainbow Dog Bow Tie | Handmade In Brighton

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A limited edition, exclusive Rainbow Dog Bow Tie

These precious rainbow dog bow ties have been hand-made in the South East of England and make the perfect finish to an extra special occasion. Premium, natural fabrics are made in-house on a weaving loom, we then partner with a local seamstress to hand-finish the bow ties. The yarn is beautifully textured to ensure a smart finish that any 'good dog' will be proud to wear. The entire making process of these unique items is completed in Brighton and sent directly to you, treated with care these precious gifts will last a dogs lifetime. Made using Hinchcliffe Lambswool

WAG&WOOL labels are made from recycled cotton

Handmade in Brighton

Made with Hinchcliffe lambswool 

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