We’re proud to have created a collection of jumpers for dogs in the UK that combines style and comfort. But one of our biggest achievements is the fact that sustainability has - and always will - remain at the ethos of our brand. 


The slow fashion movement 

The choices we make in our day-to-day lives and the clothes we wear are having a big impact on the environment. But, by making clothes in a smarter way, we can take small steps today that will benefit our future. 

At WAG&WOOL we choose natural fibres over manmade acrylics and we use recycled materials for our labels. Everything is made in England in small runs, the production partners we work with are independent, family owned skilled businesses. All our products have been uniquely designed in-house.

All our knitwear products are made using the finest lambswool which is spun by Z Hinchcliffe & Sons in the Yorkshire village of Denby Dale. This makes our dog knitwear biodegradable and recyclable, and the same can be said for our packaging! 

Plus, we only ever work with pawfect partners and suppliers who share our sustainability values and, wherever possible, EVERYTHING is sourced from the UK. That’s the WAG&WOOL difference. 

Why wool?

Odour-free - Wool products are highly odour-resistant due to natural, anti-microbial properties that don’t allow bacteria to bind and subsequently grow on the fibres in the fabric.

Temperature-regulating - As a breathable material, wool allows air to flow meaning there’s no risk of either you or your dog overheating. What’s more, thin wool fibres allow tiny air pockets in the fabric to trap your body heat which provides excellent insulation. And, on warmer days, wool naturally removes moisture from your skin. This is then released through the fabric by evaporation. 

Environmentally-friendly - Wool is a natural fabric as sheep produce fleeces every year. This makes it renewable and there aren’t any harmful processes during manufacturing either. It also decomposes back into the ground. 

Better alternative - Acrylic is commonly used in dog jumpers and dog coats but wool offers a more eco-friendly and comfortable alternative. 

If you have any questions about the design and creation process at WAG&WOOL, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

The Making Process

Follow our step by step example of how we make all our knitwear items