High-Quality Dog Jumpers in the UK

Whether you spend your time immersed in the local countryside or your dog joins you on the daily commute into the office, it’s never been easier to keep them warm and dry with one of our consciously-made dog jumpers. Each item is designed to protect your pet from nature’s elements - and ensure they look stylish at the same time.

Unique designs 

Our dog clothing is crafted from Hinchcliffe & Sons’ luxury lambswool and the Yorkshire company - which has been around for more than 200 years - prides itself on spinning the finest natural raw materials into the highest quality yarns. Put simply, you can trust their craftsmanship.

Timeless collections

Using 100% quality lambswool doesn’t just mean each of the jumpers are super soft but it makes them great for the environment too! Not only can wool be fully recycled but it’s compostable, naturally renewable and biodegradable. As a fabric, it regulates temperature so you don’t need to worry about your dog getting too hot or cold, and it controls odours as it’s a breathable material. Plus, did we mention, wool is stain-resistant making it perfect for those muddy puddles. 

The best quality around 

Who said dogs can’t be well dressed? With our beautiful collection of sustainable dog coats and jumpers, it’s hard not to be. In a range of styles and colours, each jumper boasts a double-sided rib and an adjustable turtleneck. Even better, there’s a handy opening for a lead to be fed through and you’ll be pleased to know that every jumper is easy to look after. In fact, if treated with care, it can last a dog’s lifetime.

Purchasing your very first Wag and Wool piece? Or maybe you’re adding to the collection. Either way, we’d love to see your fashion-forward pups so don’t forget to tag us in your pictures on Instagram

Properties, benefits & facts about our unique dog jumpers

100% natural

Wool is naturally grown all year round and the manufacturing doesn’t contain any processes that are harmful. All our dog turtlenecks are made from pure wool

100% biodegradable

When the time comes to get rid of your dog jumper, it actually benefits the environment. The wool fibre naturally decomposes in soil - releasing nutrients back to the earth.

100% renewable

Sheep produce new fleeces every year. Think of it like they’re handing down their jumpers to your dog. For this reason, wool is completely renewable.


Running, jumping, rolling - whatever your dog chooses to do in their jumper, you don’t have to worry about creases. This is because wool fibre is like a coiled spring and returns to its original shape after being bent.


If it’s good enough for high fashion, it’s good enough for dog walks! Renowned designers continue to choose wool - thanks to innovative manufacturing and luxury finishes.

Naturally breathable

As one of the most breathable materials around, wool evaporates any moisture quickly - waving goodbye to any unpleasant odours at the same time.