The tail continues

WAG&WOOL was born amidst the pandemic in 2020, founded by two friends who shared an unhealthy obsession for dogs and sustainable fashion, along with a desire to make the world a better place.

Frustrated with the lack of quality materials and the influx of pet brands, all importing from the same factories in the Far East, our founders, Rachael & Toni, felt that dogs and their owners deserved something better.

 Our Mission Remains Simple

 We provide stylish and sustainable clothing for dogs, ethically made right here in the UK. Our commitment to sourcing only the best natural and recycled materials
reflects our values of preserving nature and pet well-being. We believe that dogs deserve to look and feel their best while minimising their carbon pawprint. Through our thoughtful designs and slow production practices, we aim to promote a more sustainable and compassionate lifestyle for pets and their owners alike

We remain a women owned, independent business with big ideas and big dreams for a better future

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Strive not to be a success

but rather to be of value

Made in Britain - All WAG&WOOL products are made here in the UK, we never mass-produce and we work with highly skilled knitwear specialists

A pop of colour - We colour match our dog jumpers with matching owner accessories

Sustainability - Sustainability has been at the heart of the WAG&WOOL ethos from the very start. Using natural and recycled materials offers a much-needed alternative to the current market which is awash with uncomfortable synthetics.

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