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How We Make Our Dog Jumpers

our Step-by step process

  • 1. Design Phase

    The WAG&WOOL in-house design team start with a blank canvas. All our designs are our own and they are created in England by looking at the trends in the human high-fashion world and thinking about how they can be adapted for our fluffy best friends.
  • 2. Yarn

    Arguably one of the most important steps, we have to make sure we are using the best materials that are equally perfect for planet and dog. We never mix acrylic with our wool and all of our yarn is processed in the UK. We are obsessed with picking the best materials for our jumpers.
  • 3. Sampling

    We work with a talented team of knitwear specialists, based in the Midlands of England, that will knit us up samples so that we can see the designs and start trialling them on real life models with four legs. They work diligently to ensure the best quality and fit is achieved.
  • 4. Testing

    We have 2 very lucky dogs in the team that will trial new jumpers, they are also responsible for the fine tuning and improvements that we implement through the feedback from our amazing and loyal customers
  • 5. Production

    After some fine tuning along with feedback from our chief product testers we are ready for production. All our dog jumpers are manufactured on flat knitting machines and they are hand-finished. Our outer labels are made with recycled cotton and they are hand sewn into each garment. The jumpers are then sent for washing, to make sure they maintain their shape.
  • 6. Enjoyed

    When production is ready, we send jumpers out to lucky customers all around the world, knowing that each lucky dog will get to run and play wearing a WAG&WOOL garment

Ask uS Anything

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