handmade ceramic dog bowls

Handmade Ceramic Dog Bowls

WAG&WOOL™ products are lovingly made in England from the finest natural & biodegradable materials.

Artisan ceramic dog bowls, lovingly hand-made in the South of England. These unique dog bowls come in a range of colours to match our signature WAG&WOOL™ knitwear. The outer bowl is raw textured clay, juxtaposed against a striking colour and logo in the centre.

These glorious bowls are made in small batches, they are robust and can be put in the dishwasher. We use local artisan makers for our ceramics.

Sale price From £49.00
Regular price £55.00
Sale price From £49.00
Regular price £55.00

WAG&WOOL™ handmade ceramic dog bowls are made in small batches, using the finest natural and non-toxic materials. These unique dog accessories are lovingly handmade in the the South East of England, hand-thrown in small batches, making each bowl one of a kind. 

Matching Dog Accessories 

If you like to shop around for unique accessories for your dog that match your interiors or perhaps you have a particularly fussy and rather spoilt dog that prefers the finer things in life, we are here to cater for your canine requirements. Our pottery has been perfectly matched to our wider collections, this means that you can match up your dog collars, leashes and jumpers with their favourite colour. Currently our bowls can be purchased in our two best-selling colours the Monti Navy and Paddy Pink. 

Natural Materials 

Did you know that our handmade ceramic dog bowls are incredibly hardwearing and can be put in the dish washer? this means that greedy Labs and a delicate King Charles can all enjoy the use of our ceramic bowls together. Not only that, we have tried and tested many times over and one of the main reasons why we champion natural materials over manmade plastics or metal is because dogs prefer them, if you don't believe me ask your dog and they will tell you. 

Gifts For Dogs 

Don't forget that we are experts in gifting for dogs and proud owners so all of our signature products can be purchased as gift sets, they are sent in branded boxes as standard and we never charge for shipping. If you need any help with sizing, just contact us on live chat or by email and we can help you straight away. 

Picture Perfect

Finally, there is nothing that we like more than seeing candid canine snaps, so please do not forget to tag us in on Instagram so that we can enjoy seeing our creations come to life.