Argyle Knitted Puppy Jumper

Argyle Knitted Puppy Jumper

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A unique argyle knitted puppy jumper, made from a luxurious Z. Hinchcliffe & Sons yarn. Inspired by vintage golf wear, using a unique argyle style of knitting. 

WAG&WOOL™ signature puppy jumpers have comfortable double layered leg ribs, an adjustable turtle neck and a handy neck opening to fit a lead through. Made using yarn of the highest quality and lovingly hand finished by knitwear specialists in England. 

Our knitted puppy jumpers are the perfect choice for keeping your little one nice and warm without overheating 

This argyle puppy jumper comes in 3 unique colour combinations:

Turquoise & Brown 

Pink & Cream

Black & brown  

- Machine Wash (follow care instructions)
- Rain resistant 
- 100% Hinchcliffe Lambswool
- British Made, designed in Brighton
- Recycled Cotton labels

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