matching dog and owner outfits

Matching Dog And Owner Outfits

WAG&WOOL™ products are lovingly made in England from the finest natural & biodegradable materials.

WAG&WOOL™ signature matching sets come beautifully gift wrapped in a branded box. The unique matching dog and owner sets are the perfect gift for an extra special loved one and their dog. Dog jumper sizes range from a Chihuahua to a Whippet and everything in between.

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Sale price From $129.00
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Matching dog and owner Outfits 

Group get-togethers with your four-legged friends in tow, weekend visits to your local pub or daily exercise that’s guaranteed to get tails wagging -  whatever the reason for your dog walk, now you can do it in comfort and style with our range of consciously-made matching dog and owner jumpers in the UK. 

Ideal for gifting - to yourself and others - our matching set range combines the best of our best-selling dog sweaters with a little extra something for those owners. Lux Life Magazine has even named us the Best Sustainable Pet Brand 2022!

WAG&WOOL™ signature sets come in sustainable branded boxes, beautifully wrapped in recycled tissue paper - ready for gifting. 


Fashion forward

Crafted from Hinchcliffe & Sons’ luxury lambswool, our dog clothing and matching outfits are designed to keep you and your dog comfortable, cosy and warm - without compromising on look and style. Each dog hoodie and jumper comes with a double-sided rib, an adjustable turtleneck and a handy opening for the lead to feed through. 

Built to last

The lambswool we use comes from a Yorkshire company that’s been around for more than 200 years. Dedicated to spinning the finest natural raw materials into the highest quality yarns, you can trust that our sustainable matching dog sets will stand the test of time. In fact, if you follow our guidance, your pet and owner matching outfits can last a dog’s lifetime!

Crafted consciously 

Our matching dog and owner outfits are made from 100% lambswool, which makes them super soft and environmentally-friendly. Recyclable, compostable, biodegradable and naturally renewable, wool also regulates temperature for both you and your dog. As a breathable material, it combats against any odours and it’s also stain-resistant so you don’t need to avoid those muddy tracks. 

Whether you’re new to Wag and Wool or you’re adding to your existing canine collection, don’t forget to tag us in your pictures on Instagram and show us your look for this season’s dog walk. 

Properties, benefits & facts about our unique dog jumpers and matching hoodies

100% natural

Sheep produce new fleeces every year meaning wool is completely renewable, naturally grown and there’s no harmful manufacturing processes involved in the creation either.  

Zero waste 

The wool fibres in our dog jumpers naturally decompose in soil and release those all-important nutrients back into the ground. Put simply, our matching sets benefit you and your dog today and the environment tomorrow. 

Cutting edge 

From the catwalk to the dog walk, wool continues to be one of the most popular materials amongst luxury designers. Plus, modern manufacturing means it always stands the test of time.


Thanks to wool fibre being like a coiled spring, it returns to its original shape after movement. This means your dog can run, jump and roll - and you can get involved too. 


It’s one of the most breathable materials available which means wool evaporates moisture and smells, leaving you and your dog fresh and fashionable.