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Help | What Size Is My Dog?


Help | What Size Is My Dog?


Don’t let sizing be a barrier to purchasing one of our stylish dog jumpers, this article will help you get the sizing right first time. Remember, we will always offer a free exchange if the sizing is wrong or a full refund if for any reason you are not happy with your purchase. This guide will give you the best chance of getting it right first time. 

In case you missed our sizing chart, it is included in the image gallery of each product and it is also detailed in the gallery under this article.

Don't forget that we offer a 30 day size guarantee on all dog products

TeenyTiny XS 

Let’s start with the XS, this is a great fit for those really tiny Chihuahua’s, but we have also seen other breeds fit into the XS particularly if they are on the slimmer side. As an example, if you have a really small Yorkshire Terrier or a Pomeranian that is all fluff and has a tiny slim body then the XS might fit them slightly better. We have some examples at the bottom of the article of XS dogs in jumpers.

The Precious Small Ones 

The size S is the most popular size as it covers a lot of breeds that tend to get cold. In the chart we offer the examples as Dachshund, Yorkshire Terrier, Toy Poodle, Pomeranian, Shih Tzu and King Charles. However, a chunky Dachshund might be best in a Medium and a super slim Yorkshire Terrier might be best in an XS. The advice would be to go for a Medium if you are unsure  and your dog is somewhat on the lovable chunky side. Also, our wool is stretchy so the XS can fit comfortably on many breeds that are a bit bigger than a Chihuahua. Something to remember is that there is not a big difference between our Medium and Small so it will not make a huge difference if you do decide to size up.

The Medium Huggable Ones 

For the medium size dogs we do see quite a varied mix in shapes that will comfortably fit our medium jumpers. As an example, you will see in the chart that a medium can fit a slim Sighthound breed to a Frenchie. I would suggest that bulky Frenchie’s opt for a Large and taller dogs such as the Whippet can get away with a medium if they are very slim. I would also say that any dog breeds or similar that come up on the chart as Small and happen to be on the lovable chunky side they might be best suited to a medium. As our dog jumpers have a stylish roll neck, this is the area that can sometimes come up big on dogs with slim necks and small on the dogs that have a bigger neck circumference. For this reason the thickness of the neck is important to consider when choosing the size.  

The Lovable Large Ones 

If you are considering a large our large dog jumpers can fit all the way up to a Beagle or Cocker Spaniel. These jumpers can also fit the taller Sighthounds if they are a similar size on the body to a Cocker Spaniel. Again it is best to consider the size of the neck which is why we do recommend that the larger Bulldog breeds go for the large rather than the medium. 


By Rachael Driver