Knitted Headbands

WAG&WOOL™ products are lovingly made in England from the finest natural & biodegradable materials.

WAG&WOOL™ signature pure wool headbands are double layered for extra warmth. The natural materials ensure airflow whilst remaining rain resistant in bad weather.

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Whether you spend your winters in the snowy mountains or on long walks in the countryside, the WAG&WOOL headband is the perfect accessory to keep your ears nice and warm. Better yet, as these accessories are made from pure wool, the cooling properties of the fabric mean they can we worn well into spring. 

Heritage Style 

Each headband has a contemporary heritage style, making it a classic piece of headwear that can be worn over and over again. The Lucy headband is made using a timeless argyle style of knitting and comes in 3 unique colourways. These designs will stand out whilst also being versatile enough to wear with different outfit occasions.

Exceptional Quality  

WAG&WOOL headbands are made from 100% Hinchcliffe Lambswool, this yarn is soft to the skin and has been spun in a factory in Yorkshire that has stood in the same location since 1850. This yarn is recognised as one of the finest quality yarns on the international market. These quality knitted headbands are robust and beautifully sewn together to give a double sided extra thick finish. 

British Made 

Not only is the yarn spun in Yorkshire, but all of our knitwear is both designed and made in Britain. Even the sustainable branded labels are made in the UK using recycled natural cotton. The garments are easy to look after, just make sure you follow these basic instructions

Wool is Cool 

This powerhouse fabric has so many fantastic features, here is a small selection for you. Wool is completely natural and 100% biodegradable. It can absorb up to a 3rd of its own weight in moisture, without feeling wet (unlike synthetics). Wool is stain resistant and odour resistant, so it requires minimal washing and wont get smelly or stained. Put simply, these headbands have been specifically made for longevity and form part of the ever growing slow-fashion movement. 

We always love seeing you in our knitted headbands, so please don't forget to tag us on Instagram . If you have any question you might like to ask about the making of our garments, you can fill out a contact form and we will come straight back to you.