Handmade Ceramic Dog Bowl | In Raw Artisan Clay

Handmade Ceramic Dog Bowl | In Raw Artisan Clay

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This statement handmade ceramic dog bowl is hand-thrown in a small studio in the South East of England, they have a smooth glazed inside, against textured raw clay on the outside.

Each handmade ceramic dog bowl is individually made using traditional techniques, offering a contemporary finish to guarantee maximum impact to the surrounding interiors. A hand stamped 'WAG&WOOL' can be seen on the outer bowl. 

Each handmade ceramic dog bowl is fired in the kiln to make sure they are highly robust, dishwasher safe and non-porous. Made in small batches, these unique accessories were built to last and, just like a cherished family dog, grow more beautiful with age. 

These bowls come in 2 sizes, we recommend a small bowl for dogs that are spaniel sized or smaller and the medium for larger dogs. No harmful or toxic materials were used to make these items.

Handmade ceramic dog bowl sizes

Small 13-14cm W x 6cm H

Medium16-17cm W x 6cm H

All dog jumpers come with a 30 day size fit guarantee, or a full refund will be process upon return of item. 





We recommend sizing up for a statement collar if you are between sizes:

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