Luxury Dog Collars

WAG&WOOL™ products are lovingly made in England from the finest natural & biodegradable materials.

A luxurious collection of British Made wool dog collars, made from the finest Z Hinchcliffe & Sons lambswool, lined with premium soft leather and finished with strong nickel plated aluminium hardware.

Regular price From $60.00
Regular price From $60.00
Regular price From $60.00
Regular price From $60.00
Regular price From $60.00

Luxury wool dog collars, made from the finest Z Hinchcliffe & Sons lambswool. Lined with soft leather and finished with nickel plated aluminium hardware. Knitted in-house in a small studio in Brighton and hand-finished by dog collar experts.


WAG&WOOL™ collars are especially unique due to the materials that we use. Unlike most dog accessories, we use natural and recycled materials to ensure sustainability and comfort. We avoid synthetics, but if we have to use a material that is not natural, it will be recycled. The feel of our collars is very premium, soft and robust. We use Hinchcliffe lambswool for our collars so they are in no way itchy and they have a beautiful texture too. 


To make these beautiful collars our designer and founder Rachael, of Studio Tamane firstly knits the strips using premium Hinchcliffe Lambswool, these are all in the same colours as our signature knitwear items. When the strips are knitted, they are then sent off to be hand-finished by specialists in the UK. Each collar is lined with soft brown leather and finished with a recycled cotton WAG&WOOL™ outer label. The hardware is nickel plated with a premium finish. 

Built to Last 

We make every effort to ensure that our products do not add to the fast-fashion movement. This is why our designs are heritage, with a contemporary twist, these classic designs will not go out of fashion and the premium materials ensure they will not need replacing often. 

Dog Walking 

You can guarantee that your dog will be the envy of the local park in one of these outstanding designs, they are pure understated luxury and they just get better with time. These collars feel very luxurious and they are extra thick for comfort too.