WAG&WOOL Tail | New Beginnings


WAG&WOOL Tail | New Beginnings


WAG&WOOL Tail | New Beginnings

I would love to share with you the story of how my micro business found its feet one chilly afternoon in Brighton....


The pandemic gave us all a chance for pause and introspection. For me, it was an opportunity to put the vitality of the high fashion industry on hold and concentrate more on a project closer to my heart.


Having shared my life with dogs since I can remember, I felt I wanted to begin designing knitwear for mans’ best friend. The lightbulb moment came to me when I met my friend and her dog, Monti, on a particularly chilly day in Brighton. We wrapped Monti up in one of my hand knitted lambswool scarves to keep him cosy and I never looked back. And so Wag&Wool was born - the first design being named after my muse of course - Monti. The first few samples were knitted and tested among friends and family - whom loved the idea of having matching knitted accessories with their beloved pets.


I have since immersed myself in the world of design for dogs. I embraced my new creative direction and experimented during lockdown, taking time to research the best yarns for my designs and finally achieved a premium 100% lambswool product made in the UK. All Wag&Wool dog jumpers and accessories are knitted from Z. Hinchcliffe lambswool which is carded, spun and dyed in Yorkshire before making its way down to my Brighton based studio where my designs come to life.

Sustainability has been at the heart of the Wag&Wool ethos from the very start. Using lambswool makes all my designs completely biodegradable and offers a much needed alternative to the current market for dog products which is awash with uncomfortable synthetics.


Over the last two years, many of us have found new beginnings in the turbulence and disruption of the pandemic. For me, the blessing of an exciting new adventure has emerged and refreshed my love of knitwear design. Wag&Wool has already flown from success to success over the Christmas period thanks our beloved customers. In 2022 keep an eye out for new designs as Spring approaches, bringing colour, sunshine and plenty of wagging tails.
By Rachael Driver